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Crazy Stupid Love

*song Kelly Rowland | Keep it Between Us
I keep falling for guys that are out of my reach. Literally. I don’t know if I bring upon the distance because the guy eventually thinks I’m crazy, or if it’s because I’m too hopeful in chasing after someone way off my map. I just believe I deserve the best guy out there, and they tend to be the impossible ones to get.

I admit, I get really caught up when I’m attracted to someone. In fact, it takes some real effort for me to hold back. Sadly, all this tends to backfire on me, and I think I end up driving a guy away from just over-thinking everything in my mind way too much. The worst thing is, this only happens when it’s someone I’m really really into: the one I especially don’t want to lose.

It’s just, I’m that girl. I will fall madly and deeply for a guy. And when I do, I’m willing to do anything for him. I would travel whatever distance and pay the costs, just to see him… really. I am crazy right? But that’s just me. I want my life to be a story worth telling. I want it to be like in the movies. How would I ever achieve that without taking some risks, and doing some crazy things. I chase after perfect cinematic moments, and I’m just waiting for one day… when I meet that guy that will finally appreciate my efforts, be flattered by it, and would be just as crazy about me.

Love drives us crazy, it makes us say and do stupid things… but eventually, it’ll be worth it and ever so beautiful.

Anyways, I was invited to go to a friend’s wedding as his date last month. He was kind to buy me the dress I wore that evening. It’s not expected at all, but it was a nice gesture, and he insisted. In all, I had a great night meeting new people, dancing to good music and gushing over the happy wedding couple. Can’t wait to go to more weddings this month =) .


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