Life as I'd Tell It

The Stars Would Have Waited

*song Kina Grannis | Stars Falling Down (Paul Dateh Remix)
Being a girl that chases dreams to create moments, it’s difficult for me to be patient. Imagine knowing what your heart wants, but refusing to react on it. A few years back, I think my life took a pretty big change, and in it all, I gave up waiting. I wouldn’t say I regret anything that I have done, I’m not one to regret actions. My life became a whirlwind of experiences with those “crazy” decisions simply being catalysts, as my life continues to unfold with surprises.

And just before he left, after all the rush of everything that was happening that evening. All that pressure, all that anxiety, it stopped as he looked up and called out to just me,

“I’ll see you next time”

That cinematic moment any girl would wish to have with him. I did. Thinking back, it’s ironic that with him I have been quite patient. It’s been over 7 years now, and each time we meet our conversations are only a handful of sentences. But I’d remain hopeful, that I would see him again, and that I would have another chance to get to know him, and him with me. He’s always been that dream that I would chase. Some think it’s just a silly crush, but he’s been there, encouraging me to “pursue” dreams. Not that it leads to anything between us, it’s that he understands me and he believes I’ll find my better reality. He has allowed me to continue to be the hopeful girl that I am. And now I see, there’s more to it.

It’s like waiting for a falling star. If we are impatient, if we get distracted, we will miss it in that blink of an eye. It’s out there in that vast sky full of stars. Holding on for that right moment, when it’s ready to fall.

“I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it. It’s about sharing a very special moment with someone. It’s about..memory and reality … I’m excited for you to see it because I know you can appreciate the art and creation on a deeper level.”

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