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*song Zedd | Clarity (Jason Chen Acoustic Cover)
I remember standing on mountains, looking out at the vast ocean. That feeling of being small, it’s amazing.

That trip to Hawaii was exactly what I needed, that bit of time completely alone, completely independent of anyone’s opinions but my own. Always trying to make those around me happy, making sure everyone is okay has always been my priority, but it drains me if the person doesn’t notice and appreciate my efforts. Being there was a chance for me to refuel. I climbed at my own pace with nothing to hold me back or pull me out of comfort. Challenges I faced were those that I put myself up for. My accomplishments were ones I was ready to take risks to pursue.

“Mercury and Venus are important for Aquarians as they represent the past and the future. Your good, bad or indifferent karma will come to fruition when these planets make important connections in your horoscope. This year, you are lucky socially and financially due to the placement of Venus, your past karmic influence, in your zone of fulfillment. But the most important connections between these two planets occur throughout the middle of May and June, and it is at this time that your positive karma will come to light.

This is not only an important karmic period for ‘receiving things or people’, but a time when you can see clearly within you. It is hard to explain exactly how this may manifest, but it is akin to understanding one’s life purpose—one of the most difficult things for any of us to discover. You will be blessed with a clear picture of who you are, what you wish to be and how you can make your mark in this world.”

And that’s when it became clear. I wasn’t done this search. I have much more in this world I want to explore, experiences to seek and people I want to build relationships with. I have the gift of freedom, of support and trust from those that love me most. It’s when I take control of my life that I excel in becoming the person I know I want to be. My past judgement in taking risks, believing in karma and the kindness in people has taken me far in the past, has never failed me. In fact, it’s those chances that others would pass on, that I have opened unknown doors to something amazing.

I guess I don’t need the world to understand me. There is no need to take judgment and defend my decisions. I just need to believe in myself, and I do =) .

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