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Songs have always been like bookmarks in my life, marking moments and memories, whether significant or not. If I ever had the chance, I would love to write out all the songs in order of when they touched me.

Sometimes the songs are beautiful, lyrically relateable, at others they are just fun feel good songs.

This song takes me back to a few summers ago. I was unemployed, doing my own thing, reconnecting with friends and just enjoying the beautiful summer back in Vancouver. Despite being somewhat “lost” at that time, for some reason I remember feeling so much love for myself. I was incredibly proud of the choices I had made and the experiences I had gained in leaving the country, then returning to the people I love and missed. Not only was I feeling so much love for myself, I felt truly surrounded with it from all my family and friends and all this just empowered me to keep pursuing and doing “me”.

This is where this song fit in so perfectly. I remember driving back late in the night, with the windows down. Driving those empty streets as street lights passed to add that gold sparkle to the night. And though it might sound really self-absorbed(?), I remember this song playing on blast, and I sang along “Good lord, I’m f*cking beautiful” haha.

Best thing? I don’t think anything will ever take that memory away from this song. And everytime I hear it again, it’s a nice reminder. Everyone, seriously, learn to love yourself =).

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