Life as I'd Tell It


Of course. I should have known that my life would never seize to make things more complicated than your average. It knows me just too well, knows that nothing ever should be given to me too easily.

I pride myself in being a patient person in most aspects of my life, but there is a significant part of myself that is just far from any kind of patience. It is spontaneous, passionate, demanding, irrational and pretty much “crazy”. When I tell myself to take my time, my heart is in constant battle with my mind. That’s the truth. And so this all kind of comes to me like a brick wall. Sure it’s not ideal for what my heart wants right now… but I guess it is necessary.

But actually, it’s like a string of events that happens for a reason. Serendipity. If I follow through and truly believe that it’s all worth waiting for, this could be something with really great potential. I see it in him now. Just imagine, if undesired events didn’t happen, we might have never met, and even if we did we still wouldn’t have opportunity to be where we are now… in eachother’s company.


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