Life as I'd Tell It

Just Let Me…

My mind is spinning and my heart doesn’t lead too far behind. I’m wondering what more can I do. Am I doing something wrong, am I missing something. Am I just not the one? I think I’ve gone a far way to become who I am now. I spent most of this year working to be someone amazing so that when I meet that person who I want to be with, I can be everything for them. I wanted to know I could be in a place where I was ready, and I feel like I know myself well now. And what I want is to be closer to him. But it’s not enough right now.

What can you really do when he’s not ready for you? I want to be here for him, I believe I can wait. But in conflict, out of my own selfishness, I just want to be with him. And he tells me, I’m everything… but it’s not right right now. It’s not all on him because I know what this all is. My heart stays protected knowing, at any point this could go no where from here… but I can’t help myself.

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