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You Once Were

My go to.

I’d say it’s funny how we met. You were a random run in that I decided to have some fun with that night. I remember how I took a chance and asked if we could somehow stay in touch despite knowing the distance. I remember your response to me…

“You know the chance of us meeting again right? We’re very far apart, nothing can happen from this”
“I just want to keep in touch, no intentions. We can be friends and who knows, what if I came into town?”
“If there’s anything you can take away from this… I think you’re absolutely gorgeous.”

I don’t know if I was ever justified in my feelings of missing him. Or at least missing him in that way. In a short time, in a time that I really needed it, he became the one person that was every part of my day. I miss waking up to his messages, checking in during my lunch breaks, sending him photos during dinner and falling asleep after our conversations. I miss when he would call me and we would rant about random things or he would tell me about sports facts I didn’t care for. He made me feel cared for when I needed it most.

If it’s one thing I would never want to forget, it was the time he stayed with me on the phone for hours… as if he was right by my side, holding my hand. I was going through a pretty significant moment, and I really couldn’t imagine anyone else there talking me through it all than him.

But just like the little silly white rabbit that he was, he eventually ran off on his way. He was there for a purpose and when that ran its course, we had to part our ways.

Dec 12, 2015 11:23pm

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