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In the age of Instagram Stories, Snapchat and all other forms of instant story telling, no one really writes anymore. I use to and I miss it.

I’m a web designer. I started creating websites just after elementary school when I moved from Vancouver Island to Vancouver. Because I wanted to keep in touch with friends, I decided to make a website. Picture it: patterned backgrounds, animated gifs, embedded midi music, and (dare I say it) I probably used Comic Sans somewhere. But as I progressed through high school my websites evolved. I would rush home everyday to chat to distant friends from schools that I moved from, design websites and blog. Yes, I was very much an introverted nerd and my favourite way to express myself was through writing. I loved to write just as much as I loved designing, and it just all fell perfectly into my love for blogging.

I had a few blogs from high school through to university, but few people knew about them. I wrote posts without the intention for anyone to read them, but just as a emotional outlet. Of course, the internet became a lot more popular and soon everyone was Googling and stalking everyone. So I hid all of the blogs. Who knows if they will ever see the light of day again because honestly, they are kind of embarrassing to read now. But hey, I wrote most of the posts when my emotions were most intense and exaggerated.

I WAS a huge romantic. I struggle to wonder if that’s still a part of me now, but I do still remember all of the crazy moments I’ve experienced through my many years of dating.

I’m now a single 32 years old woman, and maybe no longer that starry eyed girl with her heart on her sleeves, but it’s still something I reflect on.

I guess when you’ve been through all the relationships I’ve been in and have dated as much as I had, you’d have quite a few stories to tell too. I do believe that my stories were special, and it’s because I believe I’m not just a regular girl. From silly high school crushes, first kisses, awkward dates to the most heart breaking or intense feeling moments – I want to remember them all, and write them out so that they won’t be forgotten. So whoever you are out there, if you want to journey through my memories with me, I’m happy to have you.

My stories will be romanticized, they will be exaggerated, they won’t be 100% truthful or told in full because they are memories. Memories are only what your mind wants to remember, which might not necessarily be reality.

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