About Me

Justblushing About Me
A blogger since the early ages of the internet, well before any form of social media existed. With my family on the constant move during my early years, I turned to blogging to keep my long distance friends updated on my life. At the age of 13-14, I built my first website, complete with tacky patterned backgrounds and cute bubbly animated gifs. At about 15-16 two of my close friends taught me how to use Adobe Photoshop and in a short time I was creating my own web graphics and editing photos like a wiz.

I blogged on many different platforms including Asian Avenue, Xkube, Xanga, LiveJournal before I started designing my own blog website.

I blog now because I enjoy telling stories. I love taking moments and writing it out so that I have something I can keep, something that I can have to reflect back on or remember.

Things that are important to me: friends and family, romance, crafts and design, food, photography, web dev and design.